Nightmare House 2 is a free, horror-themed first-person-shooter game, and the direct successor of the first classic horror map pack "Nightmare House". Nightmare House 2 is based on the Source Engine by Valve.

The story resumes with the player lost and confused in a hospital known as "Never Lose Hope". With no understanding of how you came to be there, there's only a vague memory of the mysterious, haunting girl from Nightmare House. Soon it will be difficult to determine between a dream and reality. How long will it take you to realize that escape is not an option?

How do I get Nightmare House 2, and what do I need to run it?
You can get it by scrolling down the Downloads section. Additional info is supplied.

When will Nightmare House 2 be released?
It's released!

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All Nightmare House related content is free of charge, and is available in this section. Each of the playable downloads includes a readme.txt inside, with instructions about installing the game properly.

Nightmare House 2 is available for download, and requires a registered Steam client to run it. If you run into any trouble, or mind to share your experience in general, hit the our official forums.

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Download Source Files of Nightmare House 2 (2010) from We Create stuff (27.5mb, .RAR)
Complete pack of source code and maps.
NH2 Source Files
Download Nightmare House 2: The Lost Files from We Create stuff (217mb, .RAR)
A compilation of old material we collected during the years of development.

The Lost Files

Download Nightmare House 2 related media from We Create stuff - .RAR
Soundtrack (36mb) Trailer (25mb) Teaser (28mb)
Download Nightmare House (2005)* mirrors - 3mb, .RAR
We Create Stuff Filefront Moddb Gamespot

* Nightmare House requires a Steam client and Half Life 2.

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Nightmare House 2 started booting up in around 2007, two years after the first game came out. Development has been through many phases, resulting in scrapping a few of the first concepts in early development phases. The development finally picked up as the story became solid, completing what we first started in 2005.

The devoted team worked on this massive project from all over the world in their free time. It all came from our pure love to video games, and ambition to raise something creative of our own. Check the credits to the right to learn more about us.

Hen Matshulski - Project Leader, Level And Game Designer
Harry 'eXeC64' Jeffery - Main Programming
Carlos 'Charly' Sotelo - Source 2013 Porting, Additional Programming
Christopher 'Guessmyname' Jones - Modeling And Texturing
Viktor Greksa - Weapon Models, SWAT, Additional Models And Textures
Pedro Calvo - Faceposer Choreography, Textures, And Video Editing
Damon 'Inter' Kropp - Weapon Animations
Yoav Landau - Music, Sound Editing, Zombie Voice
Aidin Ashoori - Music
Joel Summers - Weapon Sounds, Additional Sound Effects
David Kingery - SWAT And Romero Voice, Additional Writing
Danielle McRae - Emily And Announcer Voice
Ido Tal - Design, Publishing

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